IDE/SB MultiCD compatible ?

IDE/SB MultiCD compatible ?

Post by BCarrin2 » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have a Mitsumi 2x hooked up to a Soundblaster MultiCD 16 bit sound card.
I want to upgrade to a 4x or 6x IDE CD-Rom. Is  the Soundblaster
compatible with  these drives ?

IDE/SB MultiCD compatible ?

Post by Andy Knigh » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Nope, tho you can still use the SB for sounds.
You'll need to connect your IDE cd-rom to an IDE port
-like you hard-disk (hence the term IDE cd-rom ;o))




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I have a GW-2000 SX/33 ISA which I purchased last year. Since, it has only three
bays for 2 floppy drives and a hard-drive, I need to replace my 5 1/2 Floppy
Drive with CD-ROM. My questions are as follows:

1) Did anybody replace his/her 5 1/2 Floppy drive with a CD-ROM? Does that
create too much hassle?

2) Did anybody use Mitsumi FX-001D and SB-16 MultiCD combo for GW2000 SX/33 ISA
model? Are there any problems regarding IRQs, DMA channels?

3) Are you satisfied with the performance of Mitsumi FX-001D and SB-16 MultiCD combo

I appreciate any information regarding this matter. Thank you very much.

                                                Regards, Taci

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