Stingray 8XCDROM

Stingray 8XCDROM

Post by Stuart Wille » Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have a SYS file for my Stingray 8X CDROM?
It was purchased from ESCOM B4 they went down the pan.

Anyone with the corect driver or a useable one, could you please e-mail me




i seem to be having a bitching time with this machine. first my specs :

        amibios v1.00.05.cs1 dated 6/16/96 or something
        ppro 200mhz
        64 megs of edo ram
        acer 8x 787JAS cd-ROM (IDE)
        adaptec 2940 ultrawide scsi card
        iomega external jaz drive
        matrox mga millenium with 4 megs
        wdc ac32500 (eide 2.5 gig drive)

the problem:

        whenever there is heavy I/O or copying/downloading of
        files to and from the hardrive, i get many crc errors
        both in the case of archived files (zip,arj) and normal
        files (exe, etc) .... i also get shitloads of vcache and
        fatal exception errors in like every application, including
        but not excluded to, explorer.exe :(( .... the wd people
        swear that this drive is not defective in ANYWAY....and refuse
        to send me a new one :(. when i save or download something to
        jaz drive however, i get no errors whatsoever. the hardrive
        to be the culprit, a friend recommended i remove the cd-rom
        from the hdd ide cable, which i did, to no luck.
        btw the bios is set to automatic and when it is, the wd
        programs say it is in LBA translation mode so i guess thats not
        a problem. and all the files i copy/download are legit perfect
        files from microsoft and what not. i am totally at the end of
        my wits with this machine. any advice whatsoever is GREATLY
        please respond in either e-mail or by newsgroup. thank you.

p.s i dont know if the card is the cuprit or whatnot, but my jaz seems
to run perfectly...thanks....

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