UltraPlex Wide only gives 560k/sec transfer rates?

UltraPlex Wide only gives 560k/sec transfer rates?

Post by Kevin Hur » Mon, 22 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I installed a new UltraPlex Wide (40X) onto my Adaptec 2940UW SCSI Card.  
Installed the new Plextor Manager software and ran the system tests in
Easy CD Creator Deluxe 3.01 d.  It reports that for SMALL files, this
drive can only transfer at 560k/second and large files at 2048k/sec.  I
know my UltraPlex32 which I HAD (replaced it with this drive) was faster
than that.  I have a suspicion it's either related to my SCSI card
settings or the Plextor Manager software.  Since neither Plextor gives
you the card settings and neither does Adaptec, I'm not sure what
settings to change.  (I do remember that when I got my UltraPlex 32 that
if I left the settings at the default of 20MB/sec and Enable Wide
Negotion that the drive performed horribly.  Adaptec had me change them
to 10MB/sec and disable wide negotion and that helped).  However, this
drive SHOULD be able to do 40MB/sec and Wide negotion should be enabled,
which is what the card is currently at.  This is the only device on the
"wide" portion of the controller.  On the "narrow" portion, I've got my
plextor 4/12 recorder and a Seagate 4.1GB HD.

Any suggestions?  I don't really want to call Adaptec and wait on hold
for 1 hour only to be berated by tech support (last time the guy *ed
me out for leaving the card on what he considered to be the default
settings.  When I read to him the default settings from the manual, he
shut up a bit, but still . . .)



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Obviously somethings wrong here . HELP..!

We are using the october release of the win 95 drivers for teac cd55a the
problem is when using various benchmarks is that the transfer rate peaks
sometimes at 15000kb/sec .

We are also having problems with teac and Gus sound card, the sound hangs
and or choppy.

The cd rom is connected to the Teac 16 bit interface card with address 2C0

the dam manual doesn't specify how to change the addresses on the card.

If anybody has a solution pls.Email or post the answer to this weird

Thanx in advance .

Maybe together we can solve all the probelms out there because Obviously
Teac wont.


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