What makes a CD-R more expensive?

What makes a CD-R more expensive?

Post by Ted Parke » Sat, 31 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I've recorded hundreds of audio CDs (under a Canadian license), and whenever
we switch brands, we test playback compatibility in a variety of playback
units. The two toughest decks to get a CDR to play back on are a Panasonic
Shockwave portable with anti-skip turned on, and an old Kenwood car deck.
For example

Generic, el-cheapo silver/blue CDRs will not play in either deck (in fact
they have a tough time playing in most decks).

Verbatim silver/blue CDRs will play back in ANYTHING.

Mid-range BASF (gold OR silver/blue) will play back in the Panasonic
portable, but not in the Kenwood car deck. They are great in all other

Generic, el-cheapo gold CDRs will play back in ANYTHING.

So my questions are:
1) Don't all CD-Rs have to meet the same technical specs?
2) Is there a reason to pay twice the price for a Verbatim when the generic
gold seems to perform as well??

Thanks for any info.



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