CDRWIN 3.6a strange, strange error (Bus reset detected.) !

CDRWIN 3.6a strange, strange error (Bus reset detected.) !

Post by seve » Thu, 08 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Today I tried to make backup of one cd. I used BACKUP option in CDRWIN
and I wanted him to make ISO image and TEST burn it. After that I wanted
to burn it for real but I discovered that CDRWIN deleted ISO image. So then
I *AGAIN* pressed backup button, but this time I didn't checked TEST option.
After some time (98%) of reading (making ISO image) CDRWIN reported this

Error: Unable to read DATA sectors 263979 to 263996 on device 1:4:0.
Bus reset detected.

No matter how many times I tryed to make ISO image CDRWIN kept saying this
stupid error at correctly the same position every time.

Whole CD lasts 264126 sectors.
I am using PlexWriter412c w/ NCR810 SCSI. Running under NT4.0 SP3.

Thanks in advance

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