Nero Burning ROM, Current version:, Release date: August 30th, 2002

Nero Burning ROM, Current version:, Release date: August 30th, 2002

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  Nero Burning ROM
Filesize: 12.1 MB (12,785,670 bytes)
Current version:
Release date: August 30th, 2002

No version history information currently available


Nero5599.exe <> Standort Deutschland
Nero5599.exe <>
Nero5599.exe <> Standort USA
Nero5599.exe <>  
Nero5599.exe <> Standort Japan
Nero5599.exe <>
Additional download-addresses <>

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1. Nero/Nero Express Demoversion and Update from previous versions - Current version:

    * Filename*  *  Description*

nero55107b.exe <> Standort Deutschland
nero55107b.exe <>
nero55107b.exe <> Standort USA
nero55107b.exe <>
nero55107b.exe <> Standort Japan
nero55107b.exe <>
Additional download-addresses <>

*Please note*
Nero Express is now included in the demoversion of Nero.

Patch for Nero
(NOT for
download HERE <> and install it (corrupt
file will be replaced).

*Free Nero/Nero Express Demoversion and Update from previous versions*

Filesize: 13.07 MB (13712184 bytes)
Current version:
Release date: February 03st, 2003
Running until: February 28st, 2003

Nero - versions history page

* Important Installation Information *
This file can be used as a free Nero demo version, if you didn't have
Nero installed previously, or as an update from an older version of
Nero. In case of an update the software will detect whether you are
entitled to a free update or not.

* Important Additional Information *
Nero includes now a new version of Nero CDSpeed. You can download the
English help file for Nero CDSpeed 1.0 here:
CDSpeed.chm <>

Nero 5.5 Updates

 *Changes From Nero to*

Bug Fixes :

Fixed the bug which produced incompatible Video-DVDs not playable on
some DVD-players
Fixed an Audio CD problem which occurred with few recorders
Fixed recorder speed display problem with some recorders
Disabled CD-Text language combo box when no CD-Text is available for
compilation type
Fixed a problem which could occur in some cases with the UDF/ISO9660
bridge file system
The correct language help files are called for all countries which use
the same language
Fixed problem when changing from Nero Express to Nero with enabled Nero
Nero Express: Fixed a small problem on the string box disc name  in Nero
Express and Windows XP


Added several new recorders
Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in for Windows Media Player^TM 9 included
Improved context sensitive help-header
Nero Express window resizing enabled

  Release date: January 31st, 2003

 Imagination is more important than knowledge.
 Albert Einstein

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