cdrw HELP

cdrw HELP

Post by SkylineSwin » Mon, 14 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Ive recently purchased a TRAXDATA CD-RW recorder kit and installed it into
my computer and it works ok, when it is the sole disk drive. The problem is
that i have a  Creative Labs CD rom (originally supplied with the computer)
and  it comes up with the message  NO RECORDER SUPPORTING PACKET WRITING
FOUND only when both the disk drives are plugged in together, I know the CL
rom drive works ok as it plays data cds and music. The Traxdata drive is
only recognised at the boot up screen when the shorting jumper is set to the
S (middle) position, but the NO RECORDER message appears just the same.
There is no shorting jumper on the CL rom drive.
My hard drive is connected to the primary ide port. On the secondary ide
port, the lead goes first to the CL drive and then to the Traxdata drive,
the audio cable is only connected to the CL drive.
Some help, would greatly be appreciated.
Many thanx in advance.

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There were issues with your drive on 4.0, please upgrade to 4.02.

Best regards, Adrian Miller (On behalf of Adaptec Software Products Group)
Please reply to me in this newsgroup or via the Adaptec CD-R list
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