mci driver error

mci driver error

Post by Don Ber » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 22:20:05

I'm using windows 3.1 with a sound leader sound card and a mitsumi cd
rom. When I use the Animals cd, whenever I go to the Movie part I get a
MCI error setting volume . After I click off the error everything seems
to work fine. Does anyone know what driver I am missing or what is
causing the error ? Also for drivers I am using Audiodrive and Voyetra ,
I used to be able to play cd's with the media player but I can no longer
do this (but I can with voyetra audio station)

1. help MCI error

I have a cd-rom with images on it and it requires the MS-video player
to be loaded whitch it is. the cd-rom reader is toshiba 3401b
the problem is that some of the images come up fine but other won't come
up and I set a errror. device not configure for MCI. I look in the
windows drivers list and found some MCI drivers but thay all seem to
apply to sound cards.

If you can please help


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