nero cover designer

nero cover designer

Post by msd4 » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 04:02:58

I have the latest software, and no problems burning, but I no longer
can access the dialog that allows me to print a cover using info from
the online database.  It used to be that after using the creat CD
wizard, the program would give me some choices including the option of
looking for info online about the CD, and once found would make that
data available to cover designer for printing of an inlay, label etc.
After I created the label, I would cancel out of that screen and then
the burn would begin.  Now it skips that screen and starts burning
immediately and I have not been able to figure out how to get the
cover designer to see the artist, title, etc. info.  When I open cover
designer, it will allow me to manually type in the artist, title,
tracks and so on, but all of that used to be imported, and I
desparately want it to work that way again.  The only other piece of
information, that seems completely coincidental, is that it started
skipping the step in between reading and initiating the burn(the step
that made making labels so easy because it gave access to the online
database and to a track editor) after I put the shortcut for Nero on
the windows taskbar (previously it had been on my desktop); taking it
off the desktop didn't change the situation.  Also, I still am able to
access the online database, by using the "display media information"
button in Nero.  It's just how to get that info to cover designer that
has me perplexed.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I have Nero 5.5917, and tried to use its cover designer for first time
today. According to the *very* skimpy Help (just an introductory
paragraph really!), it is supposed to automatically include the
playlist. Is this supposed to work directly after burning a CD? I
cannot get it to do anything like that.

Is there any detailed step-by-step help please?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

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