Red Book (aka CD Digital Audio)

Red Book (aka CD Digital Audio)

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Try Disc Manufacturing Inc.  (DMI), they have detailed information on
Red Book specs.  They can be reached in the United States at
800-433-DISC and they are very helpful.



Infinity Technologies, Inc.  
1021 Los Trancos Road, Portola Valley, CA  94028
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Specializing in CD-Recorders, CD Premastering Software and  Blank CD-R


1. CD-R: Red book, Orange book, Yellow book...???

I was looking at mail-ordering some blank CDs.
One ad claims that their TDK CDs are "in conformance
with Orange Book Part II specifications and
compatible with most popular CD recorders."  Another
add claims their Maxell CDs "correspond with Orange
Book Part II specifications in their unrecorded form
and Yellow Book standards after recording."  I've
heard of Red Book audio, but I don't really know
what it means.  I've never heard of Orange Book or
Yellow Book.  Will the TDK and Maxell CDs work in my
CD Recorder?  If not, what should I look for?


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