>>> SMART 100X <<< cd-rom-drive from Elitegroup? (24 x read)

>>> SMART 100X <<< cd-rom-drive from Elitegroup? (24 x read)

Post by Bernd Krebec » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi , does anybody have this cd-rom drive and can give me some advices
for installation under Win95?
It doesn't work correctly with the included dos-driver, when I try to
access files from the Explorer it often makes nothing after klicking ,
or it speeds up and slows down again at once!!!
Is there a special win95-driver which I can use, is it normal that the
cd-drive isn't listed in the hardware-device-list?
There is a disk included in the package with some sort of hardisk cache
utilities called CD-Xpress, that is the biggest bullshit I ever saw!!!
First in my system disables my system to start again properly and then
when trying to uninstall it asks you to remove the used diskcache-file
with a special buffer-utility (dos program) before you uninstall
And if you try to use this utility to do so, there is in the hole
program no option at all to delete the cache-file, if you want to
decrease the size of the cache-file, it tells you that the selected size
is smaller than the actual size and that it keeps using the actual
size!! That's all, the only thing you can do with this utility is to
increase the cache-file!!!!
So I uninstalled it without changing the cachfile and the result is the
available Harddisksize is around 650MB smaller, unreachable by any
software than a partition-program!!!

Does any body have made the same experiences and found any solutions,
especially for the driver-problem???
thanks for any comments!!!


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