SUCCESS!! Phillips/Adaptec/Win95/Jazz

SUCCESS!! Phillips/Adaptec/Win95/Jazz

Post by David P. Hummel, Jr » Thu, 13 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Just to let everyone know, I have had success with the following setup:

Pentium 60
40 Megz Ram
850 Meg HD
Adaptec-1535A SCSI Card
Phillips CDD2600 Easy-writer internet
Jazz drive on same card external.

I have simulated many writes and have wreitten about 5 cds now.  No problem
reading datas directly from Jazz drive.  Even withour cd image file.



SUCCESS!! Phillips/Adaptec/Win95/Jazz

Post by Jason Lew » Sat, 15 Feb 1997 04:00:00

On 12 Feb 1997 19:20:02 GMT, "David P. Hummel, Jr."

>Just to let everyone know, I have had success with the following setup:

>Pentium 60
>40 Megz Ram
>850 Meg HD
>Adaptec-1535A SCSI Card
>Phillips CDD2600 Easy-writer internet
>Jazz drive on same card external.

>I have simulated many writes and have wreitten about 5 cds now.  No problem
>reading datas directly from Jazz drive.  Even withour cd image file.


A word of CAUTION for ya with the JAZZ..

Before you start a burn you want to access your JAZZ drive to reset
the sleep timer..

I was in the middle of a burn when my JAZZ went into sleep mode, it
sent a signal to my SCSI card which in turn caused a "Buffer Underrun"
in Eazy CD Pro.

(But maybe it's just my setup..)

Pentium 120
32 Megs Ram
2.5 Gig HD
SIDE-2930 SCSI-2 Card (Advansys Bios)
HP 6020i CDRecorder
12Plex Plextor SCSI CDRom
Iomega JAZZ Internal

the HP 6020i, 12Plex, JAZZ and a HP Scanjet 4P are all on the single
SCSI card...

So Far everything works ok!!

                                                - Jason Lewis

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1. Creative CD-R Blaster, Jazz drive, Win95 coaster maker.

Oh No! More coasters!

I'm having two big problems with my new CD-R recording system (or what I
call my coaster generator). Thank God they sell blanks by the case!

Here is what I have:

586 133mhz
32Mb ram
1.6G IDE (system files only)
1G Jazz Drive, external SCSI (source for wave files)
Creative Labs CD Blaster 4120, Internal SCSI
Creative Labs AWE32 PNP
Adaptec 1520B SCSI card, ISA slot (came with CD Blaster)
EZ CD Pro 95

The Problems:

Any attempt to do a "write test" to determine the ideal write speed (1x

(numbers here) in VXD (blah, blah blah)..." and a reboot of '95.

So, I tried to just force a 1X write without speed test. This seams to
work for the first wave file, but results in a EZ CD Pro 95 "lock up" a
few minutes into the second wave file.

The big question:

Is there a problem using the card that was supplied with the Creative
CD-R for both the CD-R and the Jazz Drive? It's a ISA card and I wonder
if I can really have the Jazz drive (source for files) and the CD-R
connected to the same card.

Is the ISA slot too slow? I do have a VLB slot open. Would a VLB SCSI
controller work, or do I really need a PCI mother board and a bus
mastering SCSI card?

Any ideas? All help is welcome!

Bryan Nelson,
The Emergency Preparedness Information Center (Epicenter)
6523 California Ave. SW #161    Seattle, WA 98136
Web site....


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