Unable to install external CD-RW drive; now DVD drive doesn't work either!

Unable to install external CD-RW drive; now DVD drive doesn't work either!

Post by Scott Nive » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 23:31:28

Hi. I tried to install an external CD-RW drive (hp cd-writer 8200 series) on
my Windows 2000 system. After the reboot, the new drive doesn't work, and
now my DVD drive (NEC DV-5700A) doesn't work either.

I went into the device manager and there was an exclamation point on both
drives. The error message for each drive was the same: "This device is not
working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this
device. (Code 31)"

I walked through the troubleshooter, uninstalled both drives, rebooted 25 or
30 times (or so it seemed), and I still can't get either drive to work.

Any ideas? I am stuck and I need to get at least one drive to work for
installing software.

Thanks for any help in advance!



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