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> > Well, Toast is a marvelous CD-R program, as I can attest after using
> > the demo version available on the Astarte ftp site, BUT::: you cannot
> > buy it separately from a CD-Recorder (at least, here in Montreal), and
> > I already have a CD-R. And I am on an urgent job, that can be done
> > only with the Toast (or so it seems)... Is somebody having a
> > solution???
> > Fred Hammersmith

> You can purchase a standalone version of Toast from the following
> ANYWARE at 415-821-1788
> MediaStore at or 800-555-5551
> MacZone at 800-248-0800
> MicroBoards at or (800) 646-8881
> DirectConnections at or (800) 572-4305

You can also check Astarte's Web site to get it.  I have Toast 3.0 Pro and
it works great.  My only complaint is that with Audio CDs it adds a 2
second delay at the end of each track.  The Astarte CD-Copy gives you
control over this (seperate program) or CD-DA (which is also seperate).  

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Unfortunately, there are no longer any Toast related pages on the Astarte
web site (with the exception of software updates which can be found at
, since Adaptec now owns both Toast and CD-DA.

Just a bit of clarifiation as well, CD-Copy does not overcome Toast's
2-second gap limitation.  CD-Copy does audio extraction, which helps you in
duplicating audio CDs, but when writing that audio back to CD, Toast (at
least the current version) will always put a 2 second gap between the
tracks.  CD-DA (which writes discs in Disc-at-Once mode) does remove this

In addition, Adaptec Toast 3.5 (it'll be out any day now!) will remove the
2 second gap limitation, too, provided you have a recorder that supports
gap editing in track-at-once mode ...