CD Extreme question

CD Extreme question

Post by David A Turne » Sat, 23 Dec 2000 08:00:01

Does anyone know if the update of CD Extreme for Sony Spressas for use with
Win2000 can be installed standalone, or do I have to install from the
shipped CD first and then update?



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Hi I downloaded Sony CD Extreme (build 1.3.380) as below, with the patches. Then I created 2
CD's with mp3-files (longest filename 101+3 characters) around 600 Mb data. The Sony software
found my Plextor drive CD-R PX-W1610A and I used the option "Test and if ok then record" which
the software then did. For safety precautions I choosed 12x speed instead of max (16x).

I tried offcourse to read files from the CD's, and on both my drives (Plextor and a noname DVD
reader) the answer was "drive not found".

So is Sony CD Extreme some software which doesn't work? I guess not. Can somebody give me some
advice (maybe the other "Lars")

Best regards Lars Sandberg

Go here to get your FREE full retail copy of Sony CD Extreme, which is
a clone/copy of Prassi Primo CD Plus:
Sony CD Extreme 1.3.390 Setup.exe = full retail version

*******  cf 2.0.723 Update *******

Sony CD Extreme Update380.exe = upgrade to 2.0.723 (latest version)

Then go here and get the Prassi PX engine upgrade:

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