TORISAN CDR-S16 Driver Needed! Help!

TORISAN CDR-S16 Driver Needed! Help!

Post by jgor » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I bought a 6X IDE CD-Rom, Torisan, which I think is with Sanyo.
The Model is CDR-S16.

I have no drivers. Would like them for DOS, Windows, ect....
Please help if you can!


1. Sanyo Torisan CDR-S16 Help needed


I have a Sanyo Torisan CDR-S16 model CD Rom burner that I received as a
gift. Unfortuently I do not have, nor do I know what type of CDR
Burning software works with this CDR.

I have tryed using ADAPTECS Easy CD Creater but it does not recognize
the Torisan as being a burner.

If anyone knows what software will work on this CDR I would really
appreachiate it. I can use it as a CD Rom drive just fine.



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