CDR general Q's and CD-Engine by RIMAGE

CDR general Q's and CD-Engine by RIMAGE

Post by Chuck Coff » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 03:39:59

Does anyone out there have good things to say about CDRs?  My firm will
be creating a limited distribution title and would like to hear some
positive comments about the machines out there.  Also, since most of the
comments are re the Pinnacle drives, we'd like to hear from users of
other hardware and software, specifically the low-end.  Besides Easy-CD
Pro, which seems popular, we've seen CD-Engine by RIMAGE.  Any comments
good or bad?  Thanks.
Chuck Coffey


1. 'Engine Initialization Failed' when trying to open Easy CD Creator 5

OS: Windows Me
CD-ROM: Plextor PX-40TW
CD Writer: Plextor PX-W1210S

Easy CD Creator v4.03b worked just fine. (v4.03b was upgraded from v4.01.
When installing v4.01 OS was Windows 98 SE, after that OS was upgraded to
Windows Me)

After uninstalling v4.03b, I installed Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum. v5.0
detect my CD-ROM & CD Writer OK. But whenever making Audio CD, it occured
"Unexpected Error"

So, I uninstalled v5.0 and installed v4.02d (since 4.02d or higher can be
installed under Win Me). However, even with the v4.03b updates, it cannot
detect CD-ROM & CD Writer.

So, I decided to go back to v5.0 and installed v5.0.
But "Engine Initialization Has Failed" error message occurs every time I try
to open Easy CD Creator.
How can I resolve this?

I tried to uninstall and clean up registry and whatever is neccessory and
reinstall more than 10 times, I still got the same problem.

According to roxio, v4.02d or higher & v5.0 support Windows Me, what's

Please, answer my question if anyone who can resolve my problem is out

Thanx in advance

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