Which CD write software

Which CD write software

Post by Pier Rodelo » Wed, 19 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I've got Easy CD Creator and have tried Nero RomBurn. I'm using DirectCD,
too, though it is slow as molasses.

has anyone done a comprehensive test of the various CD writing products --
Easy CD Creator, Nero, InCD, whatever else?  Is the Adaptec product as good
as it gets?

particularly interested in packet writing--is one of the others better than



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If a CD-Writing-Software for my Teac CD-R50 (SCSI) is installed, it
seems as the CD-Rom unit could not be connected to Windows95. The Icon
for the IDE CD-Rom (Philips 20x) is shown in the WindowsExplorer, but it
couldnt be opened. The cursor flickers and lurches and the hourglas
appears often. It seems like the IDE CD-Rom-Unit tries to get connected
and fails.

Help to:

Thanks, Matthias

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