EPO 16X DVD ROM - Windows doesn't recognize that DVD is in drive

EPO 16X DVD ROM - Windows doesn't recognize that DVD is in drive

Post by NecroticSta » Tue, 22 Apr 2003 21:10:02

The first DVD I watched on this drive was a little choppy but it was
at least recognized.  Now, the next day, I have not changed anything
but when I put DVD's in the drive, the led blinks for awhile then goes
out and Windows 2000, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD4, WinDVD all say
there is no disc in the drive.  This happens with all the DVD's I've
tried since the second day.  Regular data CD's are recognized

The system is an Athlon 900, with two hard disks on the primary IDE
and a CD-RW as the master secondary and the problem DVD ROM on the
slave secondary.  Both drives on the secondary IDE are jumpered for
either master or slave (not cable select.)  DMA is enabled on both.

Thanks very much,


1. DVD drive doesn't read/recognize data or audio CD's.

I have an Afreey 10X DVD drive (firmware 42) installed on Windows 98.
It is the master drive with a CD-R drive as the slave.  
The drive came with the new computer I bought at the end of August.

When I first installed the drive it was working great.  It read DVD's
and audio and data CD's without any problems.  A few months ago it all
of the sudden stopped recognizing audio or data CD's.  If I put a CD
in the DVD drive and click on the drive I get a messagebox that says
the drive is not accessible.  The device is not ready.

However, it reads and plays DVD's without any problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have a clue how I can fix it?
 It installed with the standard windows CD-ROM driver.  Is there
another driver I should be using or a setting a need to change.

The Afreey web site is pretty worthless.  I did find a newer version
of the firmware that I updated, but it did solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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