CD Drives being tempremental!

CD Drives being tempremental!

Post by Cookie McCrumbl » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 01:50:01

Have a CDRW and a DVD-Rom on the computer.

Everything was pretty good until a couple of weeks ago when the cd drives
started playing up.

When i boot the computer, explorer constantly shows that i have the cd in
the drive that was in at bootup, or if there was no cd in, it always says
there is no cd in the drive. I can install programs that just use 1 cd (by
manually going to the setup files), but games with 2/3 cds cannot install,
because it does not recognise the names of the consequent cds.

The autoplay feature is also now not working, although it is enabled in the
drive settings.

I'm running windows XP, 512 DDR Ram, 80GB HD, etc. The cd drives are

Samsung CD-R/RW SW-204B
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612

Everything was ok until a couple of weeks ago, possibly when i had trouble
with nero and had to reinstall it. I also installed * 120%.

Thanks to any help you may offer!


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