GEAR Replicator 1.2 Demo

GEAR Replicator 1.2 Demo

Post by Marc van Liero » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> I tried to install the latest demo of Elektroson's GEAR Replicator, as the
> description at the company's Web Site claimed that it could backup Video
> CDs. At the first installation attempt, there was this message which said
> that I had to copy a certain .vxd file into the c:\windows\system\iosubsys
> directory, but I closed the window too fast without fully understanding
> the procedure. My attempts to 'replicate' a Video CD were unsuccessful - a
> message appeared, saying 'error reading from source CD'.

You probably have a problem with your source CD. Any more information
which GEAR Replicator gave you, except 'error reading from source CD'?
Is your source a silver mastered/pressed CD, or a CD-R?
It can backup VideoCD's, as long as the sources are readable.

Quote:> Later, I explored Elektroson's FTP site, and downloaded the specific .vxd
> drivers for my HP SureStore 4020i CD-Recorder (Firmware revision 1.27). I
> placed them into the c:\windows\system\iosubsys directory, as well as
> GEAR's drivers directory, and restarted the system. However, the same
> error message appeared. What could be wrong?

This VXD is probably not the VXD it mentioned in the first message.
But after installing GEAR Replicator, you need to restart Windows95, as
the required VXD IS installed for you, but only loaded at the next boot.
Therefor you never saw that same (first) message again after rebooting