Creative Encore DXR2 DVD

Creative Encore DXR2 DVD

Post by John Gera » Sun, 08 Feb 1998 04:00:00

        I was unable to download the previous notes on this drive. To
old.  I just wanted to know how good this drive is? I saw it for $89
at Egghead's web site. I am probably going to get the Toshiba 32x
CD-ROM because I did not think I could afford DVD. Still waiting for
my computer so I thought I would check it out.  



1. Creative Dxr2 and Video Signal Degredation on DVD Encore Kit


I am getting some serious video degredation on my Pentium II-300 system
using a Viper V330 AGP and a Hitachi CM-801 21" Monitor.  I get the nasty
streaks (or combing effects) and the text and graphics are blurry.  Mostly

limited to the loop back cable, and maybe I can replace it with a beefier
one (one that has better shielding or something), but I fear that it is
probably in the Dxr2 card as well.  FWIW, I've run this system on a Diamond
Monster 3D card with a similar loop through cable system and it also showed
video degredation, but cleared up completely with the new Monster 3D 2 and
a beefy loop through cable.  The Monser 3D 1 looks fine on my other computer
with a 17" Iiyama monitor.  I havn't tried the DVD on that computer.  Any one
have any other suggestions?

Also, I just upgraded to Win98 and now my DVD won't play the MPEG video on
any of the CD's (not even the Creative DVD installation/sample CD) without
locking up about 10 seconds into the video.  Even worse, I can't even get
any video to play in the window or Full Screen now.  I'm going to reinstall
Win98 (yes, it was a CLEAN install) and try forcing it to use the Creative
drivers for the DVD player and the Dxr2 (since I've seen posts that say
that Win98 screws up the Creative Dxr2 format).  The card is in the 2nd PCI
slot (same one that it was in under Win95), so I think that is OK.  I do
have all 4 PCI slots loaded up (3COM Network card, PCI A3D sound, Diamond
Monster 3D 2, and Dxr2).  Maybe I'll try taking a couple out?

Anyway, I hope I can get something working on this...

Jeff McClain         Product Engineering

voice                     (208) 368-5483
fax                       (208) 368-4495

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