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Post by P.. » Tue, 18 Aug 1992 22:19:00

The message from Steve Doyle of INMOS Bristol on the T9 illustrates the need to
redistribute all messages which are on comp.sys.transputer to the
transputer and occam grapevine in Oxford. Perhaps someone from INMOS can
deal with this. Please do not redistribute only the positive ones.

Quote:>> Recent progress on the T9000 has been good - a trade paper (Electronics
>> Times?) reported CORRECTLY that the T9000 alpha silicon has now come
>> out of fabrication and is being tested.  The first fully integrated T9000
>> device should enter fab shortly.

I just hope that 'shortly' means September '92 and that 'fully integrated'
means alpha T9 plus VCP. Of course 'being tested' means they can still find
major bugs. Having lost several design-ins to Texas already, any hick-ups
could be a real catastrophy for INMOS.

By the way, does anyone know the price level of these processors ? Are these
the 40 MHz parts, with 50 MHz somewhere in '93 ?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to post the test report, particularly on
performance, to the whole, anxiously awaiting, community.

Patrick 'long time no see' Van Renterghem
University of Ghent (up to September 1st)


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