ATW800 / Perihelion / IMSB020 updates

ATW800 / Perihelion / IMSB020 updates

Post by Ram Meenakshisundara » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 16:16:45


Its been a while since I updated my website so, for all you ATW800 fans,
I added the following (thanks to a ATW800 user who sent me these HIGH
resolution scans):

The Atari Transputer Workstation Product Information
Atari Transputer Workstation Product Flyer (Atari)
Atari Transputer Workstation Product Flyer (Perihelion)
Atari Transputer Workstation Product Price List
Atari Transputer Workstation Technical Documentation
Perihelion Introduces the Enhanced Atari Transputer Workstation
Helios Technical Description and Product List

and I also added:

IMSB020 iX Graphics Card specs
Perihelion Transputer FarmCards specs

I also fixed several bad links but there still several more (things are
dropping like flies...)

Again, these are HIGH resolution scans hence each document ranges from
3Megs to a whopping 25Megs of disk space.  They are all zipped JPEG
files which you can manipulate into your own format...



PS: More to come in the next couple of days...

PPS: Did you guys notice that Google no longer allows posting to
comp.sys.transputer? :-(

[C.p. moderator: that's news to me.  If you continue to have problems,
email me as their offices are 1 mile away.]

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