CSA Transputer Kit, transputer questions

CSA Transputer Kit, transputer questions

Post by Eric W. Ziegenf » Sat, 23 Mar 1991 11:12:34

I have a few questions regarding transputer in general, and the CSA
Education Kit. I know virtually nothing about transputers, but saw
the CSA educational kit and began to think about purchasing a kit.

Are the various transputer models (T800, T425, and T400) binary
compatiable? Can I have a T800 work with a T425, or must a "network"
be of one model of transputer?

Is one transputer prefered over the others, I know the T800 has a
floating point unit, and the T400 is limited to 2 serial links?

What would be a good guide or introduction to these transputers?

Is the CSA kit a "good deal"? What do other similiar systems cost, I
would be interested in working with PC based systems.