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Does anyone out there possess, or know of, an FFT suite for
a network of Transputers? Rather than reinventing the wheel
I'd like to get my hands on some code which is tried and tested.

The application will use an array of 40 T8s, and I'd like
to use as many of these for the number crunching as possible
so I'm not interested in single T implementations.

By the way, the application is the simulation of matter waves
(Shrodinger/De Broglie QM Waves) applied to image processing
and graphic reconstruction.


Alastair Horn
Programming Research Group
Oxford University Computing Laboratory


1. Mixed Radix FFTs

Why are mixed radix FFTs called mixed radix FFTs?  It would seem that a
more appropriate name would be something like "fixed-mixed radix FFT"
because the radix is fixed for a given level of the FFT, but "can" vary
for various levels.

According to my understanding a radix-2, radix-4, or radix-k FFT are all
mixed radix FFTs, yet they all only use one type of radix throughout the
FFT.  This seems a tad counterintuitve.

Is there some strong reason (that I apparently missed) why the name
"mixed radix" was name given to this class of FFTs?

Thank you,


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