performance monitors

performance monitors

Post by cs_s.. » Thu, 18 Jan 1990 21:04:47

Does anyone know of any public domain performance monitor software for TDS
and/or parallel C. I need some software that will monitor the load on
processors during the execution of a program to measure their usage and
report back the results either graphically on a B007 compatible board or on
the host screen.

This is to help me establish whether I am using the best topology for  
an image processing application. Also can anyone give me references for
topologies if image processing systems.


Paul Netherwood
Kingston Polytechnic


1. Performance Monitoring On Transputers

At Southampton we have developed a transputer implementation of the
PICL Portable Instrumented Communication Library, which works together
with ParaGraph.

This remains a restriction.  The PICL model does not include multiple
processes per processor.

Tel: +44 703 593081                  Electronics and Computer Science
Fax: +44 703 593045                  University of Southampton SO9 5NH England

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