profiling task

profiling task

Post by Ben Abbo » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 22:22:00

Patrick Van Renterghem

Quote:>The second question regards profiling. Would anyone be so kind to send me the
>source of a profiling task that monitors link activity and processor activity ?

I suppose plenty of people would like this.
I know I would.  Please add me to the list of receivers or
better yet send the code to the net.

Thank Y'all,

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1. ZX2000 - assigning tasks

Okay people, it's time we got things a little organised. I've made up a
list of possible positions, so maybe people could volunteer to fill
them. One person could take more than one role, and it might be more
efficient if some roles were combined.

This list is of course up for improvement, I don't really have much
experience in this field.

The fairly general tasks:
        Manager / Lord High Organiser
        Web Page Maintainer (already assigned to Luis)
        Archivist (really an adjunct to the Web guy)

Further tasks break down into departments:
        Software (OS)
        Software (Language)
        Software (Other)

A single, skilled guy with appropriate skills could take a whole
department, or we could break the responsibility down further. For
example, OS could have a programmer and a designer. Someone could have a
department-spanning role.

In any case, people who want to be involved but don't have the skills or
free time to take on a full post could still be officially attached to
one department. They could then give ideas and cause trouble.

I'll try to get the ball rolling, but my useful skills are limited. I
would take up the role of archivist (which is basically what I'm doing
at the moment) but I'm off to Keele university in September and only get
a measly 5Mb network drive space. Rather than consign the project
archives to a pile of floppies, I suggest that someone else takes the

I can try to wear the mantle of OS Designer. I couldn't implement an OS,
but I can co-ordinate design efforts. If it seems appropriate, I could
dedicate myself to the UI design alone.
Rob Alexander
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