C004 question

C004 question

Post by Patrick Van Renterghem / Transputer L » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 16:59:00

Suppose you have a large network of transputers and some C004's to switch the
links. Is there a utility to program all C004's in the following configuration:

 ----------                    ----------
 |  6 T's |                    | 10 T's |
 | Board 1|                    | Board 2|
 | T2+1 C4|------------------->|T2+2C4's|
 ----------                    ----------

First you have to run a program on the first T2/C4 to set up the link to the
other board, then run a program on the second T2 to set up the second and third
C4. It might even be necessary in some cases to run another program on the
first one to change the configuration because you may not want the connection
you made in the first place.

Solutions ?

The second question regards profiling. Would anyone be so kind to send me the
source of a profiling task that monitors link activity and processor activity ?

Thanks very much in advance.


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I'm interested in any references anyone may have on the C004.  In
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type of thing?

Any information at all would be appreciated.


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