Transputer framegrabbers

Transputer framegrabbers

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Dear Network

I would like to make a survey of what exists of transputer framegrabbers and
image processing hardware. I'm particularly interested in commercial products,
but hardware under development in academic or industrial research labs are also
of interest. My work involves research and consultancy in machine vision and an
overview of products would be very useful.

The suppliers and products I know of so far are listed below. It puzzles me
that I haven't seen a framegrabber TRAM yet, have I missed it ?:

SUPPLIER                   PRODUCT

Parsytec :                 TFG
Digithurst :               Microeye
Micro Systems Services :   Datacube Maxvideo

I will catalog the response and make it available on email to anyone
interested. If anyone already made a survey like this I would, of cource like
to hear from him or her.

On beforehand thanks,

Arne Sommerfelt
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