FA: CSA Transputer Education Kit

FA: CSA Transputer Education Kit

Post by afh » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 05:00:09

Hi guys,
Last two days if anyone's interested,

1. FS: 2 CSA Transputer Education Kits

I have two complete Transputer Education Kits from CSA for sale.
Each kit consits of one PC/ISA-bus card with a T425 and 1 MB SRAM,
1 kg excellent documentation (transputer databooks, tutorial
introduction, etc.) and with Logical Systems C and CSA Modula-2
I'll throw in link-cables and a T800 transputer chip which can be
inserted in place of a T425.

Best offer >100 US$ (each, was >400 US$ each) will get it/them.

Rolf Sommerhalder                            
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)  home address:
Electronics Laboratory ETZ H60.1             c/o Rindlisbacher
Gloriastrasse 35                             Wermatswilerstrasse 96
8092 Zurich / Switzerland                    8610 Uster / Switzerland

Voice +41 1 632 76 40 (or 632 27 41)         Voice +41 1 941 59 28

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