Call for Papers

Call for Papers

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                        CALL FOR PAPERS


               May 31 (Tutorial) and June 1, 1988
                       Berne, Switzerland

The conventional approach of using a sequential formulation and sequential
languages for sequential computers to solve practical problems
leads often to artificially complicated and inefficient algorithms
and implementations.

There are many practical problems where the  consideration of
problem-inherent parallel structures may lead to much better
solutions. Fairly obvious examples can be found in

 - Image processing
 - Behavi*simulation of physical lattice models
 - Treatment of finite element models
 - Circuit layout for  VLSI chips
 - Optimization of access methods in distributed data bases
 - Optimization of stock control systems
 - Control of manufacturing systems

The goals of the seminar are

 - to show common aspects and concepts for dealing with
   practical problems in the areas above
 - to discuss the usefulness of parallel approaches in general,
   and especially
 - to demonstrate that already today, parallel processor systems,
   like networks of INMOS Transputers programmed in OCCAM, can
   solve real practical problems with reasonable effort and costs.

Schedules :

 February 15 1988:
       Deadline for submission of abstracts (500 words) of proposed
       presentations in English.
 March 1 1988:
       Notification of acceptance to authors.
 April 8 1988:
       Copies of full papers due.
 May 31 1988:
       Full-day tutorial.
 June 1 1988:

Copies of submitted manuscripts will be handed out to all
participants of the seminar. After the seminar we will consider
publication of formal proceedings.

Submit abstracts to:  Dr. Karsten Decker
                      Institut fuer Informatik
                      und Angewandte Mathematik
                      Universitaet  Bern
                      Laenggassstr. 51, CH-3012 Bern
                      Telephone: +41 31 65'4498

                      (subject: seminar)

The seminar will be organized by the Schweizer Informatiker Gesellschaft
in cooperation with the Chapter on Digital Communications of the
IEEE Section Switzerland and the English and the French Chapter of the
OCCAM User Group (OUG).

Program Committee:

E.H. Rothauser          K. Decker          P.Kropf
(Chairman)              (Local Organ.)     (Local Organ.)
IBM Research Ruschlikon Universitaet Bern  Universitaet Bern
Switzerland             Switzerland        Switzerland

U. Baitinger            A. Kuendig         T. Muntean
Universitaet Karlsruhe  ETHZ               Lab. de Genie Informatique
Karlsruhe               Zuerich            Grenoble
FRG                     Switzerland        France

For detailed information please contact the local organisers.