Low power mode on transputers.

Low power mode on transputers.

Post by G. S. Stil » Sun, 18 Nov 1990 05:52:42

Does anybody out there have any experience with the low power mode of
operation on the transputer?


1. Low-level 1000TL2 setup mode?

  My sister's TL2 doesn't know it has a hard drive any more; C: has
reverted to the ROM.  This happened about six years ago and I got it
going again after fooling around with it, but I never knew what it was
that I did...  This time, it won't come back.

  Unlike most clones, the TL2 doesn't prompt me with a setup mode key to
hit during bootup.  It seems you have to boot, then use SETUPTL2.COM;
but setup doesn't know about the hard drive, bacause I guess the BIOS
didn't tell it.  I've tried setuptl2 switches /a, /b, /c, and /f (reset
EEPROM to factory defaults), with no luck.

  How do I get into a TL2 setup mode powerful enough to restore an
existing hard drive into the boot/partition system?  I would rather not
reformat the hard drive if I can recover.

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