Workshop Announcement

Workshop Announcement

Post by Jos Vermeul » Sat, 06 Jan 1990 18:29:22

                           WORKSHOP ON

            Organized jointly by NIKHEF, Amsterdam and CERN

                            2 March 1990
                     CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

                        Organising Committee

The purpose of the Workshop is to review the on-line use of transputers
in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics, to improve our knowledge by the
exchange of experience, to encourage collaboration and to discuss
future applications in experiments. In addition, experts will be
invited to present future plans and forthcoming developments of the


           - Data-acquisition with transputers
           - Triggering with transputers
           - Monitoring / calibration with transputers
           - Experiment control with transputers

Important issues for each topic:

           - Interfacing to front-end electronics
           - Configurations of the transputer system
           - Integration with host systems
           - Application software
           - The environment for application development
           - Debugging
           - Performance

The organisation of the workshop is informal, with no charges for
attendance, but we would like you to register before 19 February 1989
preferably by e-mail or in writing to Mme. A. Perrelle, Data Handling
Division, CERN CH-1211 Geneva 23, tel. +41 22 767 2406 TELEX: 419000
FAX: +41 22 767 7155.

Contributions are invited from all who are involved with transputer
applications in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics. Please contact any
member of the organizing committee for suggestions for topics to be
discussed or send an electronic or paper proposal before 2 February
1990. Copies of the presentations, either papers or transparencies,
will be made available to participants. The final program will be
communicated to all who have expressed interest by e-mail if possible
shortly after 2 February 1990. This announcement serves as an
invitation to the workshop and a call for papers.