(4th) Nordic Transputer Conference, Parallel Computing and Transputers

(4th) Nordic Transputer Conference, Parallel Computing and Transputers

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                           Call For Papers

                   4th Nordic Transputer Conference
                  Parallel Computing and Transputers

                           May, 18-19, 1995

                             Sponsored by
                         SGS-Thomsom, Sweden

The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for users of
transputer-related technology. Researchers and developers from
academia, industry and government are invited to present results and
experience from their work.  As the subtitle "Parallel Computing and
Transputers" indicates, the scope of the conference is broadened to
encompass MIMD message-based parallel processing.

The Conference

The NTUG'95 conference location is Collegium Hotel, Linkoping, Sweden,
18-19 May 1995. Subjects for the conference will include, but is not
limited to, the following:

- Image processing
- Real-time systems
- Databases
- Parallel programming models
- Large scale scientific computation
- Development tools
- Telecommunication
- Programming environments
- Instrumentation & Control
- Parallel numerical libraries
- Performance evaluation of parallel computers
- T9000 and the next generation of Transputers

Invited Keynote Speakers

David May, Chief Architect, Chameleon Program, SGS-Thomson
        Meeting the Challenges In Computer Architecture

Prof. Peter H. Welch, University of Kent
        Parallel Hardware and Parallel Software: a Reconciliation

Gareth Jones, Telecom Applications Group, SGS-Thomson, Bristol
        Multiprotocol Fast Packet Switching Architectures

Harold W. Lawson
         Safety-Critical Distributed/Parallel Real-Time Systems


Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts or papers of 6 - 15
pages.  Contributions should be sent to conference
administrator. (address see below) E-mail submission in PostScript
form is encouraged. In addition to the abstract we would like to have
the full mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail
address, if available, of the authors to be notified.

Accepted papers will be published by IOS Press and/or included in a
conference proceeding, which will be distributed to all participants.

We kindly invite you to organize discussion groups, workshops,
et.c. during the conference.

Commercial product vendors providing posters and/or product
demonstrations are also encouraged to register for the conference.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of paper or extended abstract:    15 January
Notification of acceptance:                                1 March
Conference:                                            18-19 May


Program and further information will be possible to retrieve by:

- World Wide Web: http://www.ida.liu.se/activities/conferences/NTUG95
- Ftp: ftp.ida.liu.se in /pub/activities/conferences/NTUG95
- Sending a request to the Conference Administrator (address see below).

Conference Program Committee

 /Oyvind Teig, Autronica, Trondheim
 Per /Oyvind Brosstad, Tordivel A/S, Oslo
 Kari Lepp"al"a. Technical Research Centre of Finland, Oulu
 Mats Aspn"as, Department of Computer Science, Abo Akademi
 Ole Tingleff, Institute for Mathematical Modelling, DTH, Lyngby
 Jan Bardino, Jydsk Telefon, Arhus
 Martin T"orngren, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
 Lars Annell, SGS-Thomson, Stockholm
 Leif Finmo, Department of Computer Science, Linkoping University

Conference Organizing Committee

Leif Finmo, Anne Eskilsson, Niclas Andersson, Prof. Peter Fritzson
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linkoping University

Conference Administrator

NTUG'95 Secretariat, Ms Anne Eskilsson
Dept. of Computer and Information Science
Linkoping University
S-581 83 Linkoping

Fax: +46 13284020
Phone: +46 13281460


1. 4th Nordic Transputer User Group Conference, Call for extended abstracts

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-                                                        -
-                                                        -
-    The 4th Nordic Transputer User Group Conference     -
-          Linkoping, Sweden, 18-19 May 1995             -
-                                                        -
-     Deadline for submission of extended abstracts      -
-                   15 January 1995                      -
-                                                        -
-                       Contact                          -
-                      Leif Finmo                        -
-              Dept. of Computer Science                 -
-               University of Linkoping                  -
-                 S-58183 Linkoping                      -
-                       Sweden                           -
-                Tel: +46-13 28 14 43                    -
-                Fax: +46-13 28 40 20                    -

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