MemWait or notMemWait

MemWait or notMemWait

Post by Nigel Mitche » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:17:00

In response to the question about MemWait.
Either I have missed the point completely or we are talking about
MemWait (and not notMemWait), ie it is active high. Some care must be
taken about just when to assert/negate it but passing it through a
D-typed clocked by ProcClockOut seems a pretty good idea.

1. Use of T4/T8 MemWait

   Andrew Stewart of the Interactive Systems Design Group at Hull is
using the MemWait pin a way that I have not previously come across. It
is more conventional to pull MemWait  *high* at an appropriate time in
the cycle.

Mike Moore

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