Test And set

Test And set

Post by Jacques Coda » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:18:00

        Does anyone know if a TAS (Test And Set) instruction is available
        in the Txxx serie. If none, any trick or suggestion is welcome.

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Test And set

Post by Carl Ellis » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 14:25:00

Why would you want to use a Test And Set instruction for synchronization
when you've got built-in efficient message passing?


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Is there a datastructure that supports the following operations

Starting with a bunch of (distinguishable) sets:

insert (A, B) -- adds the set B as an element to the elements of set A,
delete (A, B) -- deletes the set B from A, and
find (A)      -- finds the outermost set containing A.

Any upper and lower bound results would help.
Thank you in advance!

Welf Loewe

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