WTB: ISA Transputer borad (TMB04 Transputer Motherboard )

WTB: ISA Transputer borad (TMB04 Transputer Motherboard )

Post by Richard Edwar » Fri, 21 Nov 2003 07:18:36

Hi all,

I have spent some time designing a stackable T4xx carrier board and
need to get hold of an ISA card so I can test it out. Might release it
if it works well.

If anyone has a spare that they would like to let go please email

yours sincerely

Richard Edwards


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  After finding this NG I'm wondering if anyone can answer a transputer
question that's been bouncing around in my head for years:  

  I remember about 12-15 years back when I read Byte regularly, Microway
used to advertise a 4 (8?) transputer ISA number crunching board for the PC.  
I'm wondering if anyone here ever worked with one of these, or something
similar - was it easy or difficult to write number-crunching routines
for them?


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