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                           The Second International Conference


                               Applications of Transputers

                               TRANSPUTER APPLICATIONS 90

                        Southampton University, 11 - 13 July 1990

                                     CALL FOR PAPERS

       Sponsors:            SERC/DTI Transputer Initiative in the Engineering
                            Applications of Transputers

       Hosts:               Transputer Technology Solutions

       Co-sponsors:         Institute of Electrical Engineers
                            Institute of Physics
                            British Computer Society


Transputer Applications 90 is the second in a series of SERC/DTI
Transputer Initiative conferences.  The first of these was held at the
University of Liverpool in August 1989 and was widely acclaimed as a
highly successful event.  Transputer Applications 90 will continue the
theme started at the 1989 conference in providing a forum where
applications developers from industry, government and academia can
present the results and experiences of using transputer based systems.

Programme Committee

       Tony Hey (Chairman), University of Southampton
       Mike Delves, University of Liverpool
       Paul Garrett, Meiko Limited
       Mike Jane, SERC/DTI Transputer Initiative
       Philip Mattos, Inmos Limited
       Brian Roberts, RSRE
       Jeff Reeve, University of Southampton
       Malcolm Sabin, Fegs Limited
       Chris Scott, TTS
       Richard Tremayne-Smith, DTI
       Patrick Van Renterghem, State University of Ghent

The Conference

The conference will be organised to include invited speaker
presentations, which do not overlap with other conference activities,
and parallel sessions for contributed papers.

Applications given particular emphasis at Transputer Applications 90
will include, but are not restricted to, the following:

       Real-time control
       Image processing and pattern recognition
       Molecular modelling
       Real-time data processing
       Industrial and commercial applications
       Applications developed or running under proprietry operating
       systems and programming environments.

Multi-transputer applications will also be given more emphasis by
referees than single- transputer applications.

Invited Speakers

       Tony Hoare, Oxford PRG (Keynote Speaker)
       Jean-Marie Cadiou, European Commission
       Christian Tricot, Archipel
       Dennis Shea, IBM, Yorktown
       Derek Paddon, University of Bristol
       Ian Pearson, Inmos Limited
       Andreas Eppinger, Robert Bosch GmbH
       Peter Zimmermann, Volkswagen AG
       Leo Wiggers, NIKHEF
       Ian Browning, RSRE

Contributed papers

Authors are invited to submit papers on original and unpublished work
which can be described as a "transputer application".  The following
instructions must be adhered to:

1.     Three copies of an extended abstract of approximately 4 pages
       should be submitted for consideration by referees.

2.     Two copies of a short abstract of at most 1 page should also be
       submitted for publication in the Transputer Applications 90
       edition of the SERC/DTI Transputer Initiative Mailshot.

3.     Where papers have more than one author please indicate who
       intends to make the presentation.

4.     Include the full mailing address, telephone number, fax number
       and e-mail address (if possible) of the author to be notified.

5.     Where possible abstracts should be submitted on A4 size paper
       and be written in 12 Times Roman font.  Hard copies must be
       submitted. Machine-readable versions would be welcomed in
       addition to hard-copies.  These should be either*or PC
       readable ASCII and on floppy disk or via e-mail to

6.     Abstracts should be sent to:
              Yvonne Flynn
              TA90 Conference Abstracts
              Transputer Technology Solutions
              2 Venture Road
              Chilworth Research Centre
              Southampton SO1 7NP


The following deadlines for the submission of abstracts and camera
ready copy must be observed:

       9 March 1990  :      Deadline for submission of extended

       10 April 1990 :      Contributors will be notified of
                            acceptance by this date

       11 May 1990   :      Deadline for submission of camera ready
                            copy of final papers for publication in
                            Transputer Applications 90 conference

"Concurrency" Special Edition

Authors of a selected subset of papers will be invited, prior to the
conference, to submit their papers for publication in a special edition
of "Concurrency : Practice and Experience".  It is anticipated that
this edition will be published approximately three months after the

Please indicate if you do not wish your paper to be considered for
publication in this journal.

Associated events

A large exhibition of transputer hardware and software will run
concurrently with the conference.

Pre-conference events include:

             Exhibition opening
             Introduction to Transputers tutorials
             DTI Parallel Software Evaluation Project reports
             Image Processing and Transputers workshop
             Esprit Parallel Computing Action workshop.

Fees and Accommodation

Conference registration fees will be published shortly.  "Residential"
and "non- residential" packages will be offered with "residential"
accommodation being at Southampton University halls of residence.

"Non-residential" participants will be able to make local hotel
bookings at very favourable "conference" rates.


Enquiries regarding conference registration and submission of abstracts
should be directed to:

       Yvonne Flynn
       TA90 Conference Administrator
       Transputer Technology Solutions
       2 Venture Road
       Chilworth Research Centre
       Southampton SO1 7NP

       Tel.   +44 703 760834
       FAX    +44 703 760833


1. Transputer Applications 90

                        N O T I C E

This is a reminder to those who have had papers accepted
for Transputer Applications 90 (75 papers!!) and have not
yet submitted camera-ready copy for the proceedings (about
70 at the last count).

The FINAL DEADLINE for receipt of camera-ready copy is

                    Friday, 11 May 1990.

Places at Transputer Applications 90 are limited to 450 and
are filling FAST. Full details can be obtained by calling

Chris Scott
Manager, Transputer Technology Solutions
on behalf of the Transputer Applications 90 Programme Committee.

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