Reply to Parasoft?

Reply to Parasoft?

Post by Ben Abbo » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:15:00

>From old mail we know:

>         * Express (Parasoft Co., Mission Viejo, CA)
>           Express from Parasoft Co.  consists of a communication kernel,
>           a  set  of  semi-automatic  tools for program decomposition, a
>           graphics library,  a truly parallel I/O library, a performance


I have received a flyer from these fellows.
It looks like a nice product but will not solve my problems.
However, it would be interesting to here about any experiences with it.

Ben Abbott


1. Parasoft Express for T800 transputers

I suppose I will be laughed off of this group, but I have been using a
Microway T800 transputer since about 1990 for some personal parallel
processing apps.  I use the 3LFortran compiler with Parasoft's Express
v3.1 OS.  It does all I need -- I host it in an extra '486 I have
lying around and let it run my number crunching for days/weeks/months
at a time.

Problem is, somewhere in a recent shuffle I lost a binary file which
Parasoft had given me years ago, called KXHAND.BIN.  I have contacted
Parasoft and their guy remembers giving me the file, but they no
longer support Express nor the T800.  He remembers how to re-create
it, if only I can find the 3LC compiler.  Basically, all this bin file
did, apparently, was allow me to call the C version of the handler
instead of the flawed Fortran handler.

So, my question is, does anyone know anybody who has an old package of
3LC for the Microway T800 Transputer (a.k.a., Quadputer)?  If you do,
I would be happy to buy it for some nominal price, or pay to 'borrow'
it for a short time in order to recreate this bin file.  Please


Thank you.

Judd Hall

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