Replacment for transputer systems

Replacment for transputer systems

Post by Tim Tyl » Sun, 01 Feb 1998 04:00:00

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: Currently we are working on a system which tries to maintain the easy
: to use, low latency features for inter-processor communications but
: apply it to a more modern processor the StrongARM.

That would be nice from my point of view - I want some horse power for my
genetic-algorithm-based neural net breeding program...

I remember the gentleman from an IEEE group discussing building serial
communications busses as an architectural extension to the StrongARM here.

Several groups of people appear to me to be interested in using parallelism
to convert ARM low cost/power consumption into cheap strong scalable power.

To my mind such work would need cooperation from ARM Ltd as weaving
existing StrongARMs together looks less attrctive than it might be.

Does anyone know what developments are planned in this area, please?