QBUS Interface for Transputer

QBUS Interface for Transputer

Post by Peter Kro » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 16:51:00

Does anybody know a Transputer Board with a QBUS Interface ? It would be
a great help for us, if anybody could give us a hint whether such a board
exists or whether anybody else is interested in such a board or constructing

                                   Thanks, Peter Kropf
                                   Univ. Berne, Switzerlnad


QBUS Interface for Transputer

Post by Andy Pfiff » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 22:52:00

FPS (Floating Point Systems) makes a Q22 bus board (for uVaxen) that
contains a T414-15 and 64K of RAM.  I believer there is room on board
for EPROMS, although our board doesn't have any.

3 of the T414's links are brought out to differential-drivers
(CSA and T-Series compatible).  The fourth link is connected to
a link adaptor that sits on the QBUS.

Data can be transferred to and from the T414 through the link adaptor and
through a DMA controller visible only from the T414 side.  Along with
some misc. 2-way status bits there are also interrupt lines in each
direction.  There are also some control lines that are programmable
from the T414 side that are meant to connect to an FPS T-Series

However, the link adaptor is NOT interrupt driven -- the data ready bits
(in and out) must be polled from the QBUS side.  (The overhead for servicing
a byte-by-byte interrupt is VERY high on a uVax).

All-in-all, its a pretty nifty board.

If you can get FPS to sell you one (make SURE you get the hardware manual),
it might be just what you need.  I believe that FPS calls it their "T-Series
Q22 Interface Board."

We use our own homebrew driver (Mt. Xinu 4.3 and local software in the T4)
to treat the 3 available links as directly connected link adaptors.



QBUS Interface for Transputer

Post by Ron Natal » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 17:15:00

I can say little to recommend Floating Point Systems as a result of
eight years of dealing with the company.  They are corporate scum
and the support service is suboptimal.



QBUS Interface for Transputer

Post by Renu Raman, Sun Microsyste » Wed, 03 Jan 1990 00:15:00

>I can say little to recommend Floating Point Systems as a result of
>eight years of dealing with the company.  They are corporate scum
>and the support service is suboptimal.


    The Dec 17 issue of Electronics talks about (pg 26), A Caplin *netics
    Corp's QT0 - which is an interface to Q-bus (configurable to
    5/10/20 Mb/s) which works with their QT4 that can take
    up 4 T414 or T800s.  The QT0 costs around 1800$ and QT4 with 4
    transputers cost ~$6000.


   Sun Microsystems                     UUCP:{ucbvax,seismo,hplabs}!sun!ram
   M/S 5-40, 2500 Garcia Avenue,
   Mt. View,  CA 94043


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Dear all,

I've noticed some postings requesting information on
transputer interfaces for Silicon Graphics hosts.

Our company makes an interface which uses SCSI to
communicate with all common UNIX and VMS hosts. We
have support software for Sun, IBM RS/6000, Silicon
Graphics Indy, DEC Alpha, DEC VAXstation, with others
following soon. The interface supports at least full
link speed (i.e. 1.5MB/sec), and supports up to 4
independent users/links. For more information, please
e-mail me.

P.S. We have a B004-compatible PC transputer card with
16MB of RAM going spare. Any offers?!


Paul Williams

Caplin Cybernetics Ltd                      |
Windmill Business Village, Brooklands Close |  phone:  (+44) (0)932 779626
Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx TW16 7DY, England  |    fax:  (+44) (0)932 779606

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