Post by David Sut » Wed, 03 Jan 1990 00:46:00

I posted a similar request to comp.parallel but received little
response - so I hope this reaches an audience with only small overlap:

I am considering purchasing a transputer network (definicon boards
with 8 transputers as the base system - hoping to expand of course
and eventually having a unix workstation host - but stuck with an AT at first).
My request is for any comments and tales of personal experiences with
the Express (parasoft) "operating system" for the transputer network.

I have read of the roots of Express (at caltech) through Fox et al.'s
book, I have also some experience with TDS and with an early version
of Trollios (Trillium): but I should say that my interest with
Express is not through disatisfaction with the latter (the Trillium
resided on a Niche board on loan to me).

With that background in mind, I would appreciate any comments and comparisons
that one can make regarding features of Express: e.g. compared with Trillios,
suggestions of other environments that may be more suitable, comments
in relation to the hardware, or from any other angle one may think is relevant.

I have already received some requests to send summaries of what I find to
others - when I have something to report I will send summaries to all
those interested.


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