Levco Risclink/kit

Levco Risclink/kit

Post by Patrick Van Renterghem / Transputer L » Thu, 04 Jan 1990 22:41:00

Dear mailing list,

First of all the best wishes for 1990 from me too. I hope transputers and
transputer applications florish this year, as much as I expect them to.

Does anybody have more information on the Levco Risclink motherboard for
the Microchannel PS/2 ? I saw an announcement recently in IEEE Micro and found
the 1500 USD price for the motherboard, a T800-25 + 1 MB module, assembler and
C compiler almost too good to be true. How much is true ?

Are the TRAM modules the same as on a PC/AT B008 motherboard ? How about
compatibility ? Which C compiler is it ?

Talking about PS/2 MICROCHANNEL TRANSPUTER BOARDS, who else has such a
board ? I know about Parsytec/Paracom, Quintek (the Poppy), Sension (the
Lab PS/2), but who else is involved ?

Talking about C COMPILERS, does anyone have performance figures of the most
recent versions of the C compilers (LSC 88.4, 3L v2.1, Parsec Par.C, TCC, ...) ?
Any noticeable improvements in performance ?



1. Help! Levco Translink expert needed

Hi group.

I own a Levco Translink Mac NuBus adapter populated with 2 T800 TRAMs. I
used it heavily in late 80s and did cross-development from Mac MPW. I
want to start using it again but am having trouble getting this card to
work in a Quadra 840av.

Working from the basis of the Levco Fractals sample application, with
debugger calls inserted, I can discover that the Slot Manager routines
are correctly detecting the card, its category and type, but the
PBControl call to reset the Transputer processors is not completing.

Could this be a firmware issue coming to light because I'm using the
Quadra (in the past I used II-series Macs)? My firmware PROM is labelled
  "Putter 1.2.1". A friend has another Translink with a v3.x PROM (I
have not yet tested his card in a machine).

I am going to try my card in a IIci which (if it works) should rule out
a hardware fault on the Translink. (Might a PROM have died of old age?
The card is at least 14 years old.)

I hope a Translink expert out there can shed some light. Actually I am
interested in all aspects of Mac-Translink integration, such as
binaries/sources for the MPW x-dev toolset etc., hardware documentation,

Conversely I am also happy to help any Translink owners out where
possible - I have written and ported various software using the
Translink system and have working C code for various aspects of its
operation from the host end.

Toby Thain

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