PD Development Kit

PD Development Kit

Post by jack anders » Wed, 17 Jan 1990 23:42:25

WANTED: Transputer Development kit.

Can anyone please help me to find a public domain/low price development
kit for the T222 and possibly T425/T800 transputers ?

We do have the INMOS development kit in the department, but it is not
available for use in this project, and as we do not need all the features
a more economical approach could be a smaller system.

The basic needs are:

1)      OCCAM cross-compiler.
        Runs prefereably on a PC, but also possibly under UNIX on SUN, or
        ULTRIX/VAX. Generates binary code in a documented format. Supports
        access to memory mapped peripheral circuits.

2)      Monitor.
        Download (boot) binary code to transputer. This will include a
        small piece of hardware connecting the PC-bus, RS232, or some
        other interface to a transputer link.

The OCCAM cross-compiler is the important part. Provided with the format
of the binary code I can do the hardware/software for the monitor (and
present the results here).

Aalborg University
Institute of Electronic Systems         PHONE: (DK) 98154811 ext. 5734
Fredrik Bajersvej 7
9220  Aalborg Oest


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I know this *must* be a FAQ, but months of lurking here and archie-ing
have revealed nothing so I'll post and be damned.

Is there a transputer cross assembler / Occam compiler / Parallel C
compiler etc etc available? For any machine, but preferably DOS or

I think I read something about a planned Occam compiler but have not
seen it at hensa, does anyone have any news of the state of this?

Don't flame me too harshly, I (think) I have done all the right searches
before posting an obvious FAQ candidate.


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