WATUG Job Exchange

WATUG Job Exchange

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                                BULLETIN NO. 2

Quote:>From:     Mario D. Stalker

To:       WATUG Members
Subject:  Program Description

                                              January 31, 199

Dear WATUG Members:

The WATUG Job Exchange Program is a free service provided (on a voluntary
basis) to all WATUG members.  The objective of this program is to maintain
a database of Companies (employers) who are seeking professionals to fill
technical positions in areas of PARALLEL PROCESSING.  

I am responsible for obtaining information about prospective employers and
disseminating that information to our membership.  I will appreciate any
suggestions; your cooperation is needed to secure new entries for this database
(so far there is only one entry, see attached page).  Tentatively, the
information contained in the database will be disseminated in the following

        1.      Any active entries will be posted in the monthly
                WATUG newsletter.

        2.      Anybody who wants information as it becomes avail-
                able, please send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope
                to me.  Or give me your E-Mail address.

I hope that this program will help WATUG members who are looking for
employment opportunities.


                                Mario D. Stalker

Mario D. Stalker

Tel.    (301) 498-4995 (home)

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January 31, 1991

                              URGENT BULLETIN!!!

Dear Members:

The WATUG Job Exchange has received the following announcement for
a job position available.  If you are interested, please contact
Mr. Jeff Blum at (703) 876-6649 as soon as possible.


                              Mario D. Stalker


Company Hiring:   Presearch Inc.
                  8500 Executive Park Avenue
                  Fairfax, *ia  22031    
                  Tel:  (703) 876-6649
                  FAX:  (703) 876-6411        

                  Attention:  Jeff Blum

Presearch Inc. of Fairfax, *ia is looking for motivated Transputer
professionals to join its growing Systems and Software Engineering Division.

The division is actively involved in several transputer projects for
government and industry and seeks professionals with one to five years
experience in software development and systems integration. OCCAM programming
experience in the toolset environment is highly desirable.

Interested parties should FAX their resume to Mr. Jeff Blum at (703) 876-6411
or get in touch with him at (703) 876-6649.

Presearch is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive compensation
and benefits.  U.S. Citizenship Required.


Note:  More job opportunities are now being added to our database.  Please
       contact Mr. Coleman Blake at (703) 790-0505 to obtain a WATUG membership
       application form.