Status of T9000/C10{3|4} ?

Status of T9000/C10{3|4} ?

Post by Jan Vorbruegg » Fri, 19 Feb 1993 17:58:18

Sorry to ask again - but what's the current status of the T9000 and
the routing/link converter chips? In September in Aachen, David May
said that the first beta chips (including the VCP) were coming from
the fab. Does it take almost half a year to check them out?

Thnaks for any info, Jan


1. Status of T9000

The T9000 is looking pretty good as well. The chips coming from Crolles at
the moment are yielding well. As
far as we can tell they run any code we throw at them at up to 25MHz. If
the internal ram / cache is disabled the programs will run at up to 40MHz,
although the actual code runs slower because of the lack of cache.

I was emailed this information on 25 March.

As a sponsored student I am due to return to Bristol to continue the search
for bugs through the summer and measure the power requirements with a view
to speeding it up. Since 200 bugs have already been identified and fixed i hope
that i wont find too many more!
                Jim Spender
Jim Spender

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