Pipelining and Flynn's taxonomy

Pipelining and Flynn's taxonomy

Post by A.M.Sarraf » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 19:29:00

Dear Net,

A while back, there was an interesting discussion in this group
on the classification of pipelining under Flynn's taxonomy.
The last thing I remember was a message from Eugene Miya of NASA
saying that he had asked Mike Flynn for comment. Did anything ever
come of that?

I am writing up my PhD thesis and would greatly appreciate any
info. on this.

A. M. Sarrafan



1. Flynn's Taxonomy

    I am writing a project on supercomputers and I have found conflicting
information in text books regarding the positioning of vector pipelined machines
such as the Cray-1 in the Flynn taxonomy.Some text books claim that they are
SISD whereas others say they are SIMD. Has anybody got any opinions on where if
anywhere they fit.

                                  Thanks in advance

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