B004 with T800?

B004 with T800?

Post by Philippe Mussi,E112,65789 » Fri, 13 Apr 1990 23:43:55

1) I am pretty sure that such a question must have been addressed a zillion
of times in this (newsgroup|mailing-list), but I can't manage to find an
answer in my multi- megabytes archives:

Is it possible to put a T800 in a regular Inmos' B004 ?
        Is it possible to run outcoming links at 20 Mbits ?

Note to Inmos: do you imagine your additional sales if the answer of 1) is
positive ? ;-)

2) The TDS worm gives me a memory error on one of my B403. I tried to
switch some memory chips, then the processor. Nothing changes. ( the address
of the error is random, but in a small range ( corresponding to the same
chip, if I understand correctly the documentation ))

Any idea?

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1. B004

I have recently obtained two B004 cards. Anyone tell me what these
cards are ?!!! Is there any documentation on the web?

Is there any public domain software which will run on the cards. I did
a small bit of occam many years ago.

Thanks in Advance
Kevin Dyke
Software Engineer

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