X and transputers (was RE: Linux and Transputers)

X and transputers (was RE: Linux and Transputers)

Post by T.S.Loc » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 20:54:46

I am about to start work on creating an interface to X windows from occam.
Actually I'm developing with SPOC so I can cheat and use in-line C code to
interact with the window server. However, I have thought about the implications
of working from transputers and have considered exactly the method described by
Brendan Murphy of using two pipes two communicate between the iserver and a
windows server.

Despite the fact I will be using SPOC I think I can work it in a such a way
that it would be easy to convert to the transputer/iserver approach. My
personal interest is not so much with the low-level implementation as with
creating a very high level method of building GUI's in occam.

From Brendan Murphy's example events - "menu item3 selected" and "diplay text"
- this sounds like nice high-level stuff and I shall take a look at the paper.
I am going to use the tcl/tk scripting language to implement the windows server
which will take a lot of the grunt out of letting the occam programmer work at
a high-level.

I'm thiking along the lines of creating a library to implement the various tk
widgets as occam processes. So can anyone out there be of assistance? It sounds
like the works already been done as far as getting this going on transputers
using the (hacked ;-) iserver. If I get the library going it sound like a few
people out there would find it usefull...


Tom Locke. University of Kent at Canterbury.